Why Sell For Sale By Owner (FSBO)?


Many sellers decide to sell FSBO for several different reasons - to save money; no enough equity to sell; selling to make negotiating easier. For whatever reason you feel the need to sell by yourself I can help you also. 

  • If your reason is to save costs, Contact Me and we can discuss the savings I can bring you on selling your home.
  • If your reason is that you don't have enough equity to sell, Contact Me, there may be another way to sell without having to bring a check to the table to sell your home.
  • If your reason is that you may believe negotiating may be easier between you and a potential buyer, Contact Me, I'll give you an idea of WHAT could happen.


The average cost of selling a $250,000 home can be around $20,000 if you are paying for Brokers commssions, the Buyer's closing costs, any repairs & your own Seller closing costs. I can help you cut some of that cost in half.

There are some challenges that you may face by not hiring a REALTOR® to sell your home such as:

  • Adequate Marketing of your Home
  • Lack Representation to looking out for your best interest
  • Having someone by your side to help you negotiate with a potiential Buyer and their REALTOR®
  • Making sure your rights are protected
  • Keeping things on track to close
  • Making sure you are in compliance with the laws of selling real estate in the state of Alaska & you're not opening yourself up to being sued
  • Having an reliable source of resources


There are many advantages to listing with a REALTOR® but if you still feel the need to sell FSBO give me a call, or fill out the request below and see how I can help you list your home with without the huge costs involved to sell your home. I offer a menu of services that can help reduce your costs of selling your home and get you on your way.

If you're still on the fence about listing with a REALTOR® but you'd like more information on what options I offer with my services, fill out the form below.